Chendrayan Venkatesan

2 minute read

Of late, I was in need to use a PFX in the Azure DevOps pipeline. Well, it’s not super complex, and having said that, it’s not relatively easy. What do we learn in this blog post? A simple PowerShell script to use a PFX certificate in the Azure DevOps PowerShell script task. Let me try to explain the steps as most effortless as possible.

Using Azure Monitor Workbook at the workplace - Part 1

Part 1 .... | Azure Monitor Workbook

Chendrayan Venkatesan

3 minute read

Azure Monitor Workbook is one of my favorite services in Azure Cloud. Why? I use to share scripts/queries with the operations team for reportings. During audits, I get more development works. So, I thought of using the Azure Monitor workbooks to serve the purpose. Indeed, the queries I built is tailor-made for my environment. However, through this blog post, I can share the nuances and some ready to use solutions.