Chendrayan Venkatesan

1 minute read

I was asked to build a PowerShell script to retrieve Azure virtual machines with no Just In Time (JIT) access enabled. Yes, it’s for the security auditing team. I searched in PowerShell Gallery, TechNet Gallery, and other sources and didn’t find one. So, I developed a script that may help you!

Logging Service Now Requests using Event Grid Trigger

Azure Functions | Event Grid Trigger

Chendrayan Venkatesan

2 minute read

A colleague of mine asked a solution for raising a service request in SNOW (Service Now) for each NSG rule creation and deletion. I requested to develop a service now catalog and allow the system to work with NSG. That means, from SNOW to Azure connectivity through REST API. However, the ask is the other way around. If a user creates/deletes the NSG rule in the portal, log a REQ with the minimum information