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Deploy multi-container apps in Azure web app

Pode | PowerShell | PSHTML | Azure Web App

Chendrayan Venkatesan

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Cooking is my hobby, and I am interested in learning technologies. I am a great fan of Azure, PowerShell, Web-Framework, Serverless, DevOps, and Cloud Automation. Yes, I have no experience in developing web apps / glossy web pages for production use. But, nothing stopped me from building one for my learning. This blog post walks you through the steps to deploy a multi-container apps in the Azure web app. Yes, let’s make a static site for cooking. (Just a simple demo with no features / functional…

Chendrayan Venkatesan

3-Minute Read


I was developing a PowerShell script to send Azure inventory through email, which generates a Word output with charts and tables. So, I thought of using Open XML, I used for SharePoint document library reporting (A few years ago), I searched GitHub and found a great PowerShell module PSWriteWord, and docs are super cool. Yes, this blog post is to show you the simple steps to generate a word document through Azure DevOps pipeline.

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