Chendrayan Venkatesan


Generate Dynamic Pipeline for folder-specific changes in GitLab

a simple method to manage mono repository

Chendrayan Venkatesan

3-Minute Read


As a DevSecOps focal, I get exciting tasks. Of late, I was battling with mono and multi-repositories. It’s easy to convince many, but few won’t agree to the project scaffolding change. So, we need to identify the best possible way. I am sure this is not a thin-on-the-ground requirement. Yes, you may need this trick to compromise the team who doesn’t wish to go for the mono to multi repository.

Publish Pester Test Results in GitLab CI

Pester | GitLab | PowerShell

Chendrayan Venkatesan

2-Minute Read


I wasn’t sure about the steps to publish the Pester test results in GitLab CI. So, I continued to search over the internet, and as you all know, the search teaches many things. I got many valuable tips and tricks, and here is my version that may help a few.

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