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In my previous blog post, we got basic information about the Azure Container Apps! As we all know, the Azure Container Apps service is in preview, and there is a lot more to add to the features list. Now, let us see how to build a Bicep template to deploy an application in container apps. First, I would like to thank Thorsten Hans for the fantastic blog post How to deploy Azure Container Apps with Bicep.

While following the steps shared by Thorsten Hans, I see an issue in the listKeys() function. So, I slightly modified the code as illustrated below, and it is modularized for easy readability.


Bicep Template


param environment string = 'dev'
param owner string = 'Chendrayan Venkatesan'
param costcenter string = 'AZ-0023'
param suffix string = 'dev'
param location string = 'northeurope'
param logAnalyticsName string = 'Law-Containers-App'
param kubeEnvironmentName string = 'Kube-Environment'
param containerAppName string = 'colorsofcuisine'
param registryPassword string = 'REPLACEWITHYOURPASSWORD'

Resource Group

resource rg 'Microsoft.Resources/resourceGroups@2021-04-01' = {
  name: 'colorsofcuisine-${suffix}'
  location: location
  tags: {
    'env': environment
    'owner': owner
    'costcenter': costcenter

Create a Log Analytics Workspace

Module Code

module LogAnalyticsworkSpace 'modules/az-log-analytics/log-analytics.bicep' = {
  name: 'log-analytics-deployment'
  scope: resourceGroup(rg.name)
  params: {
    logAnalyticsName: '${logAnalyticsName}-${suffix}'

Create a Kube Environment

Module Code

module kubeEnvironment 'modules/az-kube-environment/az-kube-environment.bicep' = {
  name: 'kube-deployment-${suffix}'
  params: {
    customerId: LogAnalyticsworkSpace.outputs.customerId
    primarySharedKey: LogAnalyticsworkSpace.outputs.primarySharedKey
    kubeEnvironmentName: '${kubeEnvironmentName}-${suffix}'
  scope: resourceGroup(rg.name)

Create Azure Container App

Module Code

module containerApp 'modules/az-container-app/container-app.bicep' = {
  name: '${containerAppName}-${suffix}'
  scope: resourceGroup(rg.name)
  params: {
    kubeEnvironmentId: kubeEnvironment.outputs.kubeEnvironmentId
    registryPassword: registryPassword
    containerAppName: containerAppName

Docker Image

FROM mcr.microsoft.com/powershell:latest
WORKDIR /usr/src/app/
COPY . .    
RUN pwsh -c "Install-Module 'Pode' , 'PSHTML' -Force -AllowClobber"
CMD [ "pwsh", "-c", "cd /usr/src/app; ./app.ps1" ]

Docker Image is available here and you can develop and replace app.ps1

┣ 📂application
┃ ┣ 📂views
┃ ┃ ┗ 📜index.ps1
┃ ┣ 📜app.ps1
┃ ┗ 📜Dockerfile
┗ 📜readme.md

Application (app.ps1)

Start-PodeServer {
    Add-PodeEndpoint -Address * -Port 80 -Protocol Http
    Set-PodeViewEngine -Type PSHTML -Extension PS1 -ScriptBlock {
        param($path, $data)
        return (. $path $data)
    Add-PodeRoute -Method Get -Path '/' -ScriptBlock {
        Write-PodeViewResponse -Path "index.ps1"

Views (views/index.ps1)


function CustomCard {
    Param (

    Div -Class 'cell-lg-4' -Content {
        Div -Class 'price-item text-center bg-white win-shadow' -Content {
            Div -Class 'price-item-header p-6' -Content {
                Div -Class 'img-container rounded' -Content {
                    img -src $($ImageSrc)
                    Div -Class 'image-overlay op-green' 
return html -Content {
    head -Content {
        Title -Content "CoC | Index"
        Link -href "https://cdn.metroui.org.ua/v4.3.2/css/metro-all.min.css" -rel "stylesheet"
        script -src "https://cdn.metroui.org.ua/v4/js/metro.min.js"
    body -Content {
        (1..3).ForEach({ br })
        Div -Class 'container' -Content {
            h3 -Class 'Secondary fg-lightBlue' -Content 'Colors of Cuisine...' -Style 'text-align:center'
            Div -Class 'row flex-align-center rounded' -Content {
                        CustomCard -ImageSrc $($_)  

Get On Action


Congratulations on running your Azure Container Apps using PowerShell, Pode and PSHML. There are a lot more coming up in the future, and please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel - iAutomate and follow me on Twitter ChendrayanV

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