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Chendrayan Venkatesan

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Own Error

As DevOps folks, we all know that deploying code into the infrastructure without testing is not good. Yes, nobody disagrees! When it comes to the infrastructure as a code, the testing rules may differ, but the common factors are applicable. In this blog post, let me walk you through the steps to deploy Azure Function app in multiple regions with proper testing in place.

Chendrayan Venkatesan

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Of late, I got a requirement to start the Azure runbooks programmatically (start a runbook through another runbook), and as a PowerShell fan, I said, “Start-AzAutomationAccountRunBook” is one best way to achieve it. An hour later, I got a call to build a script that waits until the job completes and gets the output. Here is a quick way “-Wait” parameter. Solved the issue? Yes! Now, it’s time for us to deliver a REST API endpoint, which is required to invoke in an Azure Pipeline for the business…

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