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Chendrayan Venkatesan


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Chendrayan Venkatesan is a multi year Microsoft MVP award recipent in PowerShell, Cloud Automation Engineer at Shell India Markets Private Limited, author of Windows PowerShell for .NET Developers (Second Edition), Microsoft TechNet Wiki Ninja, aOS Brand Ambassador for India, technical community addict which made him to work for user groups and conferences in and around Bengaluru, India. Currently his focus is to transform the organiztion model to acheive key business ojectives such as enhanced customer focus, seamless end-to-end management and integrated service capability.

Core Competencies

Professional Experience

Tata Consultancy Services

PricewaterHouse Coopers is one of the big fource company and a reputed client for TCS. I have got an aoppurutunity to showcase Infrastructure Automation use cases for their on-premise datacenter. Thoroughly enjoyed the work by using Google Forms powered up by GAS to connect with third party orchestrator (IP Automata) and ticketing tool HPSM9 / ServiceNow. 

Project Experience:

  • Automated file share access requests, Windows server maintainance, 

Shell India Markets Private Limited | Bengaluru, India

September 2018 - Till Date

My responsibilities are not limited and definition of scope changes as and when technology or business evolves. "Keep Learning and Keep Doing!" became by mantra at work place. I have gained good experience in Azure platform engineering where my automation code should keep Azure Infrastructure compliant. Though I prefer PowerShell to code, I never avaoided using C# or Python. So, tools or languages are my choices and delivering the working products on time is my focus. 

Project Experience:

  • Design and Deployment of Azure Pipelines for platform and business.
  • Azure Functions for platform automation. 
  • Implementaion of Management Group. 
  • Administering 260 + Azure Subscriptions using PowerShell, Python and Terraform.
  • Event Driven Automation for Azure Security Center alerts.